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Cathy Reback

Cathy Reback

Friends Community Center (FCC), a division of Friends Research Institute Inc., is a community research site. We serve two highly marginalized populations: trans women and MSM who are living with HIV or at risk of HIV infection. FCC provides a comprehensive culturally responsive set of services for these populations. FCC’s mission is to reduce the risk that can result from drug use by preventing HIV infection and managing the sequelae of drug use without the requirement of absolute abstinence or recovery. Success is evaluated by any change in behavior that reduces physical, psychological, or psychosocial negative drug consequences to clients, their loved ones, and/or their community.

We at FCC are very excited to be a part of AIDS Walk 2018, and welcome any donation to our team. Your contribution is critical to ensuring the work we do, and the work of other organizations, can continue to serve people affected by HIV. Thank you for your support!


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