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General Information

Where does the money go?
Is there a minimum I should raise for AIDS Walk Los Angeles?
What is a Team?

Event Information

When and where is AIDS Walk Los Angeles?
What is the schedule for the day of AIDS Walk Los Angeles?
How long is the walk?


To whom should donations be made out?
Can I mail a cash donation?
Where do I mail donations?
What should I do if a check is made out to me personally?
Are donations tax-deductible?
Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
I have seen public fundraising for AIDS Walk Los Angeles on the street. Should I donate to someone I do not know who is collecting donations on the street, in public spaces, or even door-to-door?


How do I register for AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2017 online?
Should walkers use their home or work address to register?
What is the Star Walkers Club™?
What is a Walker Kit?
What is a Virtual Walker?


What should I do to start raising funds for AIDS Walk Los Angeles?
How else can I support AIDS Walk Los Angeles?

Website and Online Fundraising

Is my 2017 username and password the same as my 2016 username and password?
I forgot my username and password. How can I find out what they are?
Why is there a $25 minimum for all online credit card donations?
How can friends and family find my individual fundraising web page to make a donation?
Why is “Search walkers” not finding a participant that I know has registered?
How can I see who has donated to me?
Why aren’t the cash and check contributions I’ve raised showing up on my personal fundraising web page?
Is my information secure?
Why am I getting logged out of the website?

Team Questions

What are a Team Leader’s responsibilities?
What are Gold Teams?
What is a Team Meeting Station?
How do I get an updated Team Roster?
How can I promote AIDS Walk Los Angeles to potential Team Members?
If someone registered for the Walk as an individual, can they still join a team?
What if someone wants to join a team after the deadline?

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