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Ralph Rodriguez

Ralph Rodriguez

I’m participating in this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles, a 10K fundraising walk to fight the epidemic. Thank you for considering a donation! Every dollar we raise helps APLA Health stop new infections and support people living with HIV/AIDS.

Your donation through me will be matched by my wife Julia Rodriguez's employer Medtronic 100%.

My mother Eva Sanchez Rodriguez got sick from HIV/AIDS related pneumonia and died of a cardiac arrest back in 1987 when my family and most Americans were totally uninformed or in complete denial about the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which communities it was effecting and how it was being spread. In retrospect, this was absolutely the most traumatic episode of my life, watching my mother wither away and fall apart right before my eyes. As I was still a child, I was left feeling powerless, humiliated and personally destroyed.

This childhood trauma has effected many aspects of my life for 30+ years. I would now like to try and help in any way I can so that other children do not have to endure the pain I have had to deal with for so long or at least offer those families currently struggling with this illness some empathy, compassion and support.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.



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1. Lissa Villata
glad to donate ! Lissa Villata
2. Ralph Rodriguez
3. Liz Tattersall
Fantastic cause! So happy to have an opportunity to help!
4. David Tanner
Good luck and thanks, Kito!
5. Anonymous
Go Kohi Kito and Family!!!!!
6. Heidi Vogeli
Happy to support you. ?
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