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Melodie Gibson

Melodie Gibson

I’m participating in this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles, a 10K fundraising walk to fight the epidemic. Thank you for considering a donation! Every dollar we raise helps APLA Health stop new infections and support people living with HIV/AIDS.


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1. Erin Wilhite
Wock on, Lovely Lady!
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4. Melinda LeBlanc
Melodie, in 1996, I lost my brother Michael to AIDS. He was 36, straight, not and IV user so he was never screened for HIV/AIDS. Once he was diagnosed bc he had a cold that would not heal, he had full blown AIDS and died within six months. He was a single Dad of an 11 year old boy, awesome son to my parents, good friend and a brother, deeply missed. You are not alone. Thanks for supporting people like the ones we lost and the ones who are living with this disease. Yay you! PS I’ve done that walk, and The AIDS bike ride from SF to LA. ?????????????
5. Dana Luce
6. Melodie L Gibson
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